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How to tell a kittens age

How to tell a kittens age!

It can be difficult trying to figure out how old your kittens are. But to help with this task The Kitten lady made this helpful chart. Check it out!

Kitten Care

Kitten Care!

It is so important to take good care of our kitties. This is especially true for little kittens who have lost their mamma and need our care. This link is an excellent resource to draw upon if you come across orphaned kittens or have decide to foster kittens for our organization.

If you are new to bottle feeding please watch the video below to learn the in's and out's. Remember always feed a kitten with their belly down and not like a human baby! These little guys can get a little too excited about their milk and if on their back they can breathe milk in the wrong way!



Cats-can has a strict no declawing policy.

It seems like an easy, effective way to protect the furniture and the kids from errant scratches, however, it is actually a very inhumane surgical procedure. In fact, most European countries have deemed it "unnecessary mutilation" and have made it illegal.

Some vets would like you to think it's a simple removal of the claws, but it's actually a complicated amputation procedure that involves removing the toe at the first knuckle and can result in nerve damage, hemorrhage, chronic pain and muscle weakening, not to mention the personality changes it can cause in the cat. It also makes it impossible for them to defend themselves if they were to get outside and they could be killed as a result of this.

Besides being painful and debilitating for the cat there are other safer options if you are worried about their claws.

Trimming their claws every month is painless and helps keep them short to minimize scratches. Cat's often don't mean to scratch, but their nails are just too long and cannot help it. If you ever need help trimming their nails we are at Petsmart in Oviedo every Saturday and will be happy to help you trim their nails!

There are also alternatives like nail caps that you can put on their nails that last a month. This is ideal if you have a young child who is just learning manners around your kitty. There are a few brands around, but SoftPaws is one that many use.

If you would like more information, this website is very informative. You may also email us if you have any questions.